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A few things that I plan to obtain by the years’ end are:
 1) Start my new job
 2) Give my first 10% tithe
 3) Find a new, affordable apartment w/a garden tub
 4) Take again and pass the test for my real estate license 
 5) Lose 15 stubborn lbs 
 6) Join World Changers Church 
 7) Become a member of the singles ministry 
 8) Perform my first open mic 
 9) Visit my folks in the S.C.
10) Finish my novel
I’m sure there’s more but this is enough for now. 
Ice— Keep your head up.  Don’t know what’s going on but God does.  I know He will work things out for you when least expected.  Just as you kept me in your prayers and thoughts, you will be in mine.  Be Blessed.  Much love.


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