Finally are starting to fall off.  It only took 80 years.  I owe it all to my bestestestestest bud in the world…Dev.  She’s only told me a 100 times that I needed to start a food journal.  I went to, signed up and started my journal.  I’ve been consistent for about two weeks now and I see results.  My body had been in starvation mode for months because I was only intaking about 900 cals a day.  To make matters worse, I was burning about 1000 at the gym seven days a week, so I ended up with -100 cals in my body a day.  No wonder I had a ton of fluff suffocating my bones.  I’ve learned my lesson.  
Thanks Dev for staying patient.  Here’s to you and the six pounds I’ve lost thus far.  I’ll give you a BIG hug the next time I see you…(hopefully tomorrow).