10 a.m. and I’ve only had four hours of sleep
My mind tied down with thoughts of she
With you
How did it get to this point again
Now you’re driving many miles at those crazy hours again
To be with she
The one who divided our unity
Presented you with the opportunity
That you took and ran with
I knew it would only be a matter of time
Before she wined and dined your mind
I’m just glad that I’m here
No longer there
To feel the uninvited guest in my home
Even though I awake alone
I’m more at ease
I don’t have to share my bed with she
And you
So I wish you the best as you continue
To make love to she
Taking the place of me
Only this time I can’t leave
I’m already where I need to be
In another state
Allowing my feelings for you to dissipate
Never thought it would take more than two years
The pain stronger today than it was last year
I don’t understand why my feelings continue to reappear
It’s time to disappear
Never to return cause I’m ready to get on with my life
I’m ready to let these feelings go and walk down an undestructive path
I’ve been dangerously in love with you
To where I’ve forgotten to love myself
Or anyone else
It’s time to move on from the past
Because the future is all I got
Another chance at real love
I know it’s going to take a while
But I’m ready to make that step
One foot forward
The next will follow
No time for sorrow
My love for you will be nothing but a distant memory


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