Melodies of love
No longer humm
But I
Wanna sing again
Make magical tunes
Under the moonlight again
Bring back that feelin
My heart is feenin’
For a touch of love
To be held
And groomed
Into the grooves of you
Can you make it happen
Whoever you are
Wherever you are
Want to bring you near
Follow the pitter-patter of your heart beat
Together we’re in sync
And we
Create the vibrations only two can make
As your C-Sharp
Strokes the strings of my love harp
Making sweet music until the sun comes up
Melodies of love
Sensually soothe
While you softly tap the base of my bass drum
You hear that sound
We’re about to go Platinum
Keep the rhythm pumping
Until the melody of love
Makes us both hummm


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