…and my week is just beginning.  It’s funny how I hated sitting at home with no job and now a sista needs a break.  I haven’t been able to journal like I’d like, nor have I been able to write like I have the desire too.  Once I get used to my schedule everything will be all to the g-o-o-d.  
I decided to stay at my current apartment.  I’ve already made some changes and plan to make the place really cozy until I purchase my first home next year.  I also made the decision to purchase my vehicle instead of leasing it.  Wise choice.  My payments are lower, but I will continue to pay what I’ve been to pay it off sooner.  Yeah, I was looking forward to a new car next year, however, I can make due until the time comes.  A house will be a better investment anyway.  And once my real estate career picks up, the tax breaks I’ll get will definitely help a sista pay the car off even quicker.
I’m tired so I shall call it a night.  Luckily I twisted my hair this a.m. in record time and won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the week. 
Y’all be easy
Jewells signing out