Hope everyone enjoyed their day of giving thanks and filling up their bellies.  I had a nice bowl of pork-n-beans and Kraft mac-n-cheese.  Yummy, NOT!!  
It seems as though I don’t have enough time to peruse the internet like I used to.  Guess that’s a good thing.  I miss vibin with my good peeps.  At least I’m making some money to get the things accomplished in life that I have set out to conquer.  I thank God for my new job that I have been at for a month now.  It wasn’t a job that I wanted, but it’s obviously where I need/ed to be.  So far it’s my favorite job of all.  I actually enjoy going to work every day.  
I’m thankful for my life, my family, my cat, my job and good friends.  I’m also looking forward to paying my first “real” tithe on Sunday.  I can’t wait.  Never thought I’d see the day that I’d be anticipating writing a check this large for church.  But when I look at the BIG picture, it’s the least I could do for ALL that God has done for me.  Plus I don’t look at it as if I’m giving it to the church.  I’m giving it to the Lord.  What a difference it makes when you do something based on your heart versus something being forced.


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