…is love and why am I hiding from it?  That’s the BIG question.
*side note*  I love my twistout.  I twisted the other day with Salon Selectives Molding Putty and my twists were extra long.  I had quite a few people ask me if they were extensions.  My hair was about two inches longer by using the product.  It threw the shrinkage factor out the window.  So what do I do to celebrate?   Cut an inch and a half off.  I miss it but my ends feel much better.  Plus it’ll grow back…eh.  I’m just happy to be nappy.  One chick today asked if it was my hair.  I said “yeah.”  She said it was really pretty.  A few minutes later she told me that she was hoping it wasn’t mine so I could tell her where she could buy it from.  Ain’t that some ish…lol.
Y’all be easy.