Hey Mr Brown Skin
May I have a minute of your time
So I can let you know what’s on my mind
You see
I’ve been having thoughts about the possibility
Of there being some chemistry
Between you and me
And in my mind the future looks brightly
For that opportunity
Come walk with me
So you can see
Just maybe
My possibility will become our reality
Let’s begin…
We find ourselves sitting in a park at noon
The sun is too bright so we move to the shade under a tree
Where a cool breeze sets our minds free
I lean back against the tree
While you lay your head on my right thigh
We converse about life
As my fingers run through your hair
You share stories about your past
The reasons why you’ve been so angry
And I tell you why I tuned into negativity
Unsurprisingly, our conversation flows smoothly
Before we know it
Noon has turned into midnight
You lift your head from my right thigh
For some small talk with our eyes
When we end up trying to read each others’ mind
It’s evident that our thoughts are combined
Because we move at the same time
Creating a moment so divine
When our lips touch and our tongues intertwine
Then your brown skin lays on top of my brown skin
Together we create more brown skin
With no words to be spoken
For we both know that this connection doesn’t happen everyday
What do you say
Maybe one day, my possibility
Will someday become our reality
Under the moonlight
At midnight


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