For years I always searched externally for happiness, never looking at myself to be the creator of it. Well, maybe not the creator, but the initiator. Whenever I found myself unhappy and unsatisfied in relationships, friendships, jobs, or simply in life, I blamed everyone else for letting me down. It didn’t dawn on me that maybe, just maybe, I needed to look into the mirror and stare down the one causing my displeasure in relationships, friendships, jobs, and life.

Recently, a relationship that I was in came to a close. I was hurt. Let me be honest here … I was devastated. There I was thinking wedding bells were the next sound I would hear, instead I found myself on the world wide web perusing personal ads once again. I had always associated loneliness with unhappiness. Many of time, I could be with someone and still feel lonely. Catch my drift? So, rather than take my newfound singleness for what it was, I felt hasty in wanting to fill my space with someone new.

What the hell was I thinking???

I never did create an ad because it just didn’t feel right this time around. Plus I remembered a well-known scripture that says, “He that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing.” (Proverbs 18:22) Well, I am not looking for a wife so I needeth not look. Instead I was lead down another path for my source of happiness. True happiness. I had to learn how to find it within myself. I have delved into an awesome relationship with God and myself. God has opened my eyes to so many things that had I still been in my recently-ended relationship I would not have seen none of them. I now know that people and things are not the source of my happiness. I can be in the most wonderful relationship, have the greatest friends, working my dream job, living the best life ever, but as long as I am not internally happy, none of those things will please me.

I can honestly say that I AM happy. I may be single, but I. Am. Happy.

Find yourself today and find your happiness. Watch it overflow

Jewells 🙂


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