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Julia T. Williams is a storyteller on a mission to help better lives through storytelling. She writes about all the things that go wrong and how people fight to make them right. Telling stories that matter while helping others cultivate theirs.
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Welcome to the Vegan Life

Yep, I am going vegan in 2008.

In 2002, I woke up one morning and said, “I don’t want to eat meat anymore.” There wasn’t any major life event. I didn’t eat a bad cheeseburger. No PETA member ambushed me while in the grocery store with a bag of chicken wings in my hand. I just lost the zest for meat. Didn’t like the way it smelled, looked, or tasted. It no longer fulfilled me. It was time for something new.

Letting meat go was easy, especially after watching a t.v. special on grocery store practices when it comes to preserving its shelf life. Unfortunately, I relocated. The people I hung around in my new city ate meat. Smelling it, seeing it, listening to how it sounded when they would chew it, brought back subtle but voracious memories. A friend and I went to a Super Bowl party in 2004 where there were several different types of chicken wings. Actually, I had to ride in the car with some of those wings. I wanted to indulge badly. It hurt my feelings momentarily as I watched everyone please their palates. Somehow, someway, in the basement of this house, a teriyaki wing founds its way into my little hands. And there, in the shadows of secrecy, I too indulged. It was so good. So good that I grabbed another off of her plate. Had her sneak upstairs to get me more. There I was, sweet sauce dripping down my chin, my fingers sticky with evidence of my shamed moment of weakness. My shame was temporary as my friend and I ordered 25 wings just for the two of us (mostly me) that following weekend.

A few months later, the crazy chicken cravings was finally out of my system. Plus I did not like how my body was responding to being back on meat, especially since I had ingested some beef products as well (yuck!). My body was not happy and neither was I. Back to eating my fruits and veggies it was.

Fast forward to the middle of ’05. I was dating this guy who ate poultry. Slowly but surely, I began eating the fowl as well. It’s funny because I didn’t enjoy eating meat. I only ate it socially. (Who knew that one ate socially…thought that was just for alcoholic consumption.) I would find myself picking over the meat, not wanting to consume it as it got closer to the bone. I think it became a mental game for me. Seeing veins and feathers in my food really grossed me out. It even tasted funny. I rarely ate seafood because it always tasted like it came right out of the ocean. Guess that’s why it’s called “seafood.” Yeah, well, I can do without the water taste in my food.

Since ’05 I have pretty much been an off and on again vegetarian. Not really committing to any particular eating pattern. However, I recently began eating fish. Just as I was getting over the sea taste, I talked to a friend of mine who decided to go vegan. Listening to her, doing some research, I became interested. I know of the cruelty to animals in the meat industry and how the animals stress can affect us, so I decided that I wanted to leave all meats alone. No more turkey burgers, turkey bacon, tuna sandwiches, honey-glazed salmon…

It’s easy for me to let go of meat. It’s the other culprit that I am going to struggle with as a vegan. Cheese. I heart cheese. I put it on everything. And I just began a wonderful relationship with feta cheese. I eat cottage cheese from time to time, sick of yogurt, and drink rice milk, so no real love losses there. But cheese…*insert hail-sized tears here*…what is a lady to do???

Other than my lack of cheese (not opting for soy cheese because I just learned that soy is not all that great for me either), I think I will fare pretty well as a vegan. I lost 40 pounds when I first went vegetarian. Hopefully I will have similar results as a vegan. It’s not about the weight loss but a healthier life/body is what I am striving for.

Oh, and since I have read info up on raw foods, I am tempted to become a raw foodist next. Well, one step at a time. I might put that on hold of ’09.

Wish me luck!

Blessings & Prosperity!

This is Jewells signing out…

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