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Closer To My Dreams

Closer To My Dreams

A couple of weeks ago, I watched the above show on Oprah. I had watched The Secret when it came out and made a vision board. I only had a couple of things posted on it but when nothing came to fruition, I pretty much stopped giving it attention.

Then I wanted a new car.

I decided to take the lessons I learned from The Secret and put them back into practice. I already had a picture of the car I wanted posted on my vision board. I asked myself, “Is that the car you really want?” I felt like it was, but I needed to go test drive and get a good feel for the car. When I went to the dealership I knew immediately that I did not want the Acura TL that I had posted on my vision board. It was a beauty, don’t get me wrong. It was just too low which was the reason why I wanted to get out of my sporty Accord. I ended up test driving the MDX, the SUV I thought I wanted and the RDX. Let’s just say, the two vehicles that I initially had in mind lost the race. I went in to negotiate on a silver RDX, but things didn’t work out that day. I went home, printed out pics of the RDX, put one on my vision board with my name on the license plate. I put the other pic in my school notebook so that every time I opened it, I would see the picture and be reminded of my vision. I also saved a pic to my files to use it as my background. I knew that the car was mine and envisioned myself driving it daily.

In less than a month, I was driving home in my RDX. It wasn’t the silver that I initially wanted. I got it in white. I LOVE the white so much more than the silver, so much so that I said all of my cars from now on will be white. I got a MUCH better deal on the car too. Things just worked out.

After getting the vehicle, I took it down from my board and out of my notebook. Time to focus on the next vision.

To make a long story short (is that ever really possible with me???), there wasn’t much of anything up on my vision board. At the beginning of the year, I took down a lot of stuff because it had lost its focus and became a board that I put up stuff I liked and wanted to remember (quotes, cards, articles…) instead of things I wanted to have in my life. A couple of weeks ago, after watching the show above, I decided to apply the laws of attraction once again.

I started with a list of places that I want to go between now and August with the words I WILL HAVE FUNDS FOR THESE written on it. I put my list up last weekend. On Monday, I logged into my bank account to transfer some funds. Well, I didn’t need to do so because there was a deposit that had been made. I had no idea where the money came from. All I knew was that it was from the U.S. Treasury. I did the process of elimination and still had no idea why I had received it. Then when I got home from school, there was a check from the Dept. of Labor sitting on my dresser. I was like, “Okay God.” Then this week I got another check in the mail. I also found out where the deposit came from. It was a bonus check from a job I have not worked at in over a year since hurting my back.

Another thing I put on my board was a picture of the literary agent I want to work with. Put that up the same time I put my list up. Since then, her and I have been communicating quite a bit. I am actually sending her my complete manuscript in the mail today.

All I had to do was release my requests and forget about how I will obtain them. Just know that I will have them.

God is good. He did say in his word to “make your requests known”(Philipians 4:6). I am doing just that! I am getting closer to my dreams.

Blessings & Prosperity!

This is Jewells signing out…

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