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Reality TV

Reality TV

I am not an extreme reality t.v. junkie. I have a few shows that I do enjoy watching on the regular, however. Paradise Hotel 2being one of them. Why do the black people on reality shows always have to be from Atlanta??? There are 3 on this show and all 3 of them are from…yep, you guessed it…Atlanta. Do black people not live anywhere else??

Anyway, on Monday’s episode, Nate was the last man standing without a roommate which sent him packing. He was the only guy on the show who did not get involved with the women like the rest of the vultures. Instead he would wander off to himself. There was something about him that stood out, though. He came across as programmed. To me, he seemed like he was there moreso for a vacation instead of anything else. The way he sat and looked out over the water made me feel as if he were detached from life, like these were his last days. I remember saying to myself that he seemed like the type to commit suicide.

He didn’t feel bad about his departure from the island. He hugged everybody goodbye and his roommate (one of the black women) had tears in her eyes.

Well, after the credits rolled, In Loving Memory Nathan Clutter, appeared on the screen. I left the t.v. and proceeded straight to the computer to see what that was all about. Sure enough, reports said that he had jumped to his death from a cell phone tower several weeks after taping of the show ended.

Maybe it is time that these shows do psychological evaluations on folks before airing their lives on national t.v. Maybe even give them counseling once they leave these shows. I guess it’s all about picking the folks with the most issues to make the show more interesting. And once these people have given the show the ratings that they need to produce another show that will mess up even more lives, folks are left to put the pieces back together all on their own. Unfortunately, sometimes they just aren’t able to do so.

Nate may have had bouts with depression before the show, but there is no telling how leaving the show affected him.

Sad, just sad.

If you have family, friends, coworkers, or anyone that may have made your acquaintance, please pay attention to signs of depression. Ask them questions. Let them know that they have someone they can turn to, even if you have to find them the help that they are unable to get for themselves. Depression is a serious matter.

Blessings & Prosperity!

This is Jewells signing out…

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