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Self Love

I was listening to Creflo Dollar on the way home from the gym the other morning. He was talking about love. He was deep into the sermon and I only caught about three minutes worth, so I could not get the whole concept. But what little I did hear got my wheels churning.

“We are all born with the predisposition to love ourselves.” He said.

Pastor Dollar went on to use an infant as reference in that a baby loves himself enough to know to cry when hungry. The baby doesn’t know or doesn’t care that it is 2 A.M. and you have to get up for work in a short few hours. All the baby knows is that there is a need for food and will wake up a nation until that need is met. Then just as that need is met, will go back to sleep until it is time for the next need.

(Those aren’t all his words, but you get what he was saying.)

As babies, born with the disposition to love self, we know to cry when we’re hungry. Know when to cry when our diaper is dirty. We even know when to cry when we’re lonely.

Even as we grow into toddlers, we beg and whine to whoever until a need is met. “When are we gonna eat? I’m hungry.” “I gotta potty.” Or we simply cling to a parents’ arm or leg when we want a little companionship.

As we continue to grow, our needs change. We need more things, different types of things. For the most part, our needs can be met by self without the need for anyone else to come to our assistance or provide those needs for us.

But what is it about us as adults that prevents us from being able to call for help when we can’t meet our own needs? We’ve hit hard times causing the bills to fall behind. Need groceries but the credit card was declined. Get up to go to work in order to pay bills and find that the car was repossessed. At work you find a pink slip on your desk. The same bus you took to the job you no longer have, you take home only to find the doors and windows with bars on them.

It’s obvious that we need help. Who do we call on?

As children, we have someone, whether a parent, grandparent, sibling, teacher… someone who is there to meet our needs. Someone to come to our assistance when all else fails. We just have to be willing to seek and ask for help.

Why as adults do we lack the courage to ask for help? Do we not loveourselves enough that we are willing to let our needs go unfulfilled? Are we willing to let everything that we have worked for slip away because our self love isn’t strong enough to seek help?

We can come up with many excuses as to why we don’t seek or ask for help: Don’t want to look like a failure. I just asked for help. No one is willing to help me. They can help my kids but can’t help me. I don’t need no one, been on my own my whole life. Blah blah blah.

The excuses get so good that you actually start to believe them. But what about a God who said He will supply your (each and every single one of us) needs according to His riches in Glory.

That right there lets me know that there is NO reason why we can’t ask for help. No excuse.

Put pride aside. Love yourself enough to know when you can’t do it all on your own.

Blessings & Prosperity!

This is Jewells signing out…

P.S. This post ended up going in a totally different direction than planned. Part 2 coming soon.
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