Y’all this vegan life has been a little tough. Eating beans and rice and vegetables as my everyday meals has become life-threatening. This is some tough stuff. With my schedule, I just don’t have the time to labor in the kitchen or peruse the various cookbooks or go the health food stores to locate all these organic, earth-friendly, life-changing ingredients.
Luckily I have been surviving this thing since January 1. On a recent trip to one of the aforementioned health food stores, I discovered Tofurky. It’s all about that italian sausage, baby. My faith has been renewed. I swear I put it in every meal I make. If it weren’t for Tofurky, from now to April 22 (my last day of school) would’ve been an even longer journey. I was tempted to just starve myself for the rest of my vegan challenge. Then I thought, what would even be the purpose of a challenge in the first place? Thank God for Tofurky!
I am so looking forward to next month. Yes, next month. That sounds so close. From then on I plan on eating an 80/20 lifestyle. 80% vegan/vegetarian, 20% eat whatever I want minus beef and pork. I am so proud of myself being able to do this self-challenge. Going to Wal-Mart and passing by shelf after shelf full of foods processed with milk or egg has been a serious diet blower…at least mentally. I have indulged in my mind many times. My mouth has watered at some of the new foods that have come out since my vegan challenge. But alas, I have stayed strong.
Come April 26, when my plane lands in New York, the first order of business is getting some of their infamous pizza. I don’t care if it comes out of a vending machine. Yes, it’s that serious…lol.
Off to go make my Tofurky meals for the week.
What self-challenge did you struggle through?
Blessings & Prosperity!
This is Jewells signing out…


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