* Why am I so glad that I take my last final today?

* Why do people think just because they have a mint or gum in their mouth that their breath is automatically fresh?

* Why did I leave the house with all of that powder on my chest?

* Why did my mom let me leave looking like that?

* Why is the camera man in church always catching people when they don’t know the words to the song?

* Why does love get in the way of how you really feel?

* Why do people say they are going to call when they know they aren’t?

* Why can’t college students sign out books at the beginning of the school year and turn them in at the end like in grade school?

* Why am I just now figuring out that I can play MP3/WMA music files in my car?

* Why do the freaks come out at night

* Why does butt smell like butt no matter how good you clean it?

* Why did this older white lady (at least in her 70s) stop me and say “Don’t you let them cut yo hair. Don’t you let them straighten it. You keep it natural. I like that!” She was so fierce with it! And why were we all scared?

* Why do I want to go through the heartbreak all over again just to feel loved?

This is Jewells signing out…


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