* Why was I doing all of that stressing over school and ended up with 4 A’s and 1 B?

* Why when you meet bloggers in person does it feel like you’ve known them for years?
* Why can you always count on getting a bowl of pickles at every meal in New York?

* Why was I in New York for 3.5 days and not see one of the infamous rats?

* Why was I wondering why people were looking at me funny until I remembered what I was wearing?

* Why does peanut butter get stuck in your throat? Ever try eating a peanut butter sandwich with no milk?

* Why was I taking pics on the Subway like that was a cool thing to do?

* Why do I feel like this is MY year?

* Why do some men feel like having long fingernails is cool, especially a long pinky nail?

* Why, when you realize that the item of clothing that you want to wear is in the dirty clothes, do you do the sniff test to make sure it’s wearable and hope that nobody else will be able to tell you got it out the dirty basket? It’s in the dirty basket for a reason.

* Speaking of sniff tests, why do guys think they’re slick when they do a sniff test of their fingers before going any further?

* Why do dogs sniff other dog’s butts before they get their hump on?

* Why don’t dogs sniff people’s legs before humping it?

* Why am I ready to get back to New York with a quickness?

* Why don’t you realize that a person’s has some kick to their breath until after you’ve gone in for a kiss?

* Why was this blind man trying to cross the street saying “excuse me” as he beat his stick against the pavement when he almost hit this lady and she said something under her breath and he said “well get your azz out the way.” I almost died.

This is Jewells signing out…


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