Okay…so I know it’s Tuesday.

I had full intention to post yesterday but I did not realize that uploading a video would take me 10 years to do. My gosh! I started Monday around 6 p.m.ish and did not successfully get the video up until 12:27 this afternoon. *insert pissed, frustrated, and super-sleepy emoticon here*

So, another intention I had was to make sense. In my video, I rambled and rambled until I could not ramble anymore. Well….actually I could’ve but I gave us all a break=)

To sum up my video, I was talking about how I let my non-favorable results in past situations continue to produce non-favorable results. Instead of saying, “That’s okay that it didn’t go as planned the first go ’round, you’ll get it this time,” I kept feelings of doubt, fear, and despair in the forefront of my thoughts even while attempting to produce a favorable outcome.

I am NOT trying to do that this time around with taking my state board examinations. So keep me in your prayers that I keep my mind focused on good thoughts and the task at hand: PASSING!

**DISCLAIMER: PLEASE EXCUSE MY OBSESSIVE EYE-ROLLING** I never realized how much I rolled my eyes until watching [my first test video] myself on tape. Now I see why I got in so much trouble in boot camp. I told the T.I. (training instructor) that my eyes did that automatically. I’m wondering if there’s some truth to that now???

Without further adieu: Here I go…

Watch the video here.

P.S. Since I couldn’t get it right in the video… It’s MLDTeesby the wonderful Marcus Langford. (You need to send one to Lebron James to wear around his mother!)

This is Jewells signing out…


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