* Why was I all nervous making my first youtube video?

* Why I didn’t realize I rolled my eyes so much?

* Why am I so dedicated to asking “why” that I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet?

* Why I bet people stop asking for lemons in their water and tea?

* Why do I feel like somebody’s watching me and then look up and see it’s my cat? Why she be stalking me?

* Why do people act like spit didn’t just fly out their mouth while talking to you?

* Why when that happens do I don’t pay attention to anything else they are saying because I’m too busy wondering if the spit landed on me?

* Why when you tell somebody that their breath is hot they always come back and say “your breath ain’t always up to par either.”?

* Why they always gotta bring it back to you?

* Why I bet y’all were wondering if my breath was stanking in that video yesterday?

* Why does it hurt so bad?

* Why when you poot in the bed you be like “man, my poots don’t stink”…..until somebody moves the sheets?

* Why does running make me have to poot?

* Why somebody got a blog called dookiedook? Why I wonder if it stinks?

* Why is she reaping the benefits of my hard work?

* Why do people feel the need to compliment back?

* Why this girl ran into me at the mall and said “you’re looking good” and I said “you are too”? Why I lied because I didn’t know what else to say?

* …WHY?????

Y’all feel free to add your own. Have a good hump day!

This is Jewells signing out…