* Why do I try to breeze past a scripture in church when I know it applies to me, especially if it’s something I did the night before? I’ll try and hurry up to another verse just so I can say, “I didn’t know the Bible said that.”

* Why you getting funky on me?

* Why do you insist on putting acrylics on your big toe?

* Why do people walk around with chipped nail polish?

* Why are you calling me back talking about “what’s up?” before you even listen to the voicemail I left?

* Why do “healthy” people always get Geo-type compact cars?

* Why does love seem to come with reservations and expectations?

* Why do I think I have a smelling fetish?

* Why ‘ain’t nobody told me’ that the third season of Soulfood was out on DVD already?

* Why I wanna tell him, “If you do for me, I will do for you?

* Why don’t you look behind you before you dig the wedgie?

* Why do we always ignore the signs?

* Why I bet men would stop requesting their women to wear thongs as much if they had to wear them?

* Why are yeast infection creams more bothersome than the yeast infection itself?

* Why claim to be a hip hop junkie when you don’t know anything about hip hop?

This is Jewells signing out…


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