Why Wednesday

Why Wednesday

* Why do you still want that life?

* Why do I continue to listen to you patiently but when it’s my turn to talk, you rush me?

* Why does it seem like it take Blacks longer to marry than any other race?

* Why is it the one with the “funk” that always has their arms up and legs open in the club?

* Why do I like sending subliminal messages?

* Why I wonder what would happen if we were alone?

* Why am I nervous about entering my next decade?

* Why I found out I passed all of my tests and my esthetics license will be here in 10 days?

* Why do I still feel his breath and hands on me?

* Why the writing bug has finally caught up with me again?

* Why I feel like I want to choke a b!tch?

* Why am I about ready to tell him to stop calling me?

* Why does my cat insist on attacking my feet as soon as I get in the bed?

* Why I used to frown up at people and think they were dirty and nasty when I saw a dark ring around their collar?

This is Jewells signing out…

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