* Why do men claim “I’m a new man” but keep talking the same old ish?

* Why am I enjoying dating myself?

* Why the word ‘never’ has slapped me in the face several times?

* Why is it always the people with the crusty, stank feet that want paraffin? I gotta take that ish off and dig the wax out of your toes and your feet still be stank.

* Why do ghetto people claim they can’t stand ghettoness?

* Why are there cliques in cyberland?

* Why I gotta stop being friends w/ (___) just because you stopped being their friend?

* Why does restaurant water taste dirty?

* Why am I a gypsy?

* Why I love eavesdropping and people watching?

* Why dude in Red Lobster told his girl that he won’t go to church with her if he can’t wear his ball cap? And had the nerve to compare it to the hats the mothers in the church wear.

* Why does the idea of eternity scare me?

* Why is saying “thank you” so underrated?

* Why are you still talking to me when it’s obvious that I am not listening cause I’m trying to finish this blog?

* Why did I think I was the ish with my new found makeup artistry skills and thought I was getting stares because of it?…until I got in a bathroom with ‘real’ lighting and noticed I looked like a clown.

This is Jewells signing out…


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