* Why did you poot in front of the fan and not think that everyone would smell it?

* Why are you still wearing black eyeliner around your lips?

* Why does the news always find the most illiterate, no teeth having, just woke up looking, ghetto people to question?

* Why did you think I wouldn’t be able to tell that you put my cold pancakes in the microwave instead of getting fresh ones like I asked?

* Why I miss my nephew?

* Why did you think it was funny that I almost fell down the stairs and died when you pooted in my face?

* Why is it always the one you don’t want that gives you the attention you do want?

* Why does self-pleasure always leave you feeling lonely and mad at the world?

* Why do you always feel like people can look at you and tell that you self-pleased last night?

* Why I wish you would be honest with your feelings?

* Why, why, why?

* Why I can’t wait for honeymoon relations?

* Why did you let me drive from Tennesse to South Carolina and not try to take over the wheel?

* Why I’m ready to move to Charlotte?

* Why I hate filling out job applications and waiting for folks to call?

* Why I am about to press “delete” on some numbers in my phone?

This is Jewells signing out…


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