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Why Wednesday

Why Wednesday

* Why do they act like they want you when they are w/somebody but the second they’re single again, they sing another tune?

* Why did Diddy get these men to thinking it’s cute to rock a mohawk?

* Why would you bring your child[ren] to a professional workshop?

* Why do people bring babies to weddings?

* Why did artists in the 70’s talk halfway through their songs?

* Why have a bag of McDonalds napkins on the floor of your bathroom to use instead of going out and buying some real tissue?

* Why does being friendly = trying to holler?

* Why when you offer someone a piece of gum or mint do they ask, “You trying to tell me something?”

* Why can’t I just be nice and offer something without you assuming there’s some motive behind my niceness?

* Why are you always telling me to be one way but you are always the other way?

* Why I wonder where all the cool men are in Charleston?

* Why I don’t think there are any?

* Why do I look like a candidate for domestic violence whenever I walk through a spider web?

* Why I think that if everyone could ask God to not create the one animal they are afraid of, there wouldn’t be one species on this earth?

* Why I still wish he hadn’t created spiders?

* Why can’t it be the way I see it in my dreams?

* Why do you always tell me to be patient when you weren’t patient in your situation?

* Why I wish I had a mental illness sometimes so that I would have an excuse for feeling this way?

This is Jewells signing out…

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