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Why Wednesday

Why Wednesday

* Why you say you want a classy chick but most of the women on your friend’s list got their azz hanging out?

* Why do you think sucking on your bottom lip in pics is cute/a turn on?

* Why I miss Mr. T cereal?

* Why do you insist on posting pics with your shirt off, booty cheeks out, and other unclothed body parts?

* Why does asparagus make your pee stink?

* Why was I lonely whenever you were around but sometimes I wish you were still around?

* Why pray if you’re going to worry?

* Why do slow people always have their butts in the fast lane?

* Why I want more than a one night standwith you?

* Why can’t I see the point of posting pics of you putting up your middle finger?

* Why I don’t know which eye to look at?

* Why is it so hard to be a father to your child?

* Why I took down my blogroll? I did save all on my roll to my favorites, though=)

* Why I plan to blog more personally and regularly?

This is Jewells signing out…

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