Why Wednesday

Why Wednesday

* Why I think we all have a little bit of crazy in us?

* Why I used to wish I had never been born?

* Why do I sometimes still wish that?

* Why I am so tired of boring men?

* Why I would rather be broken up with than be someone’s rebound?

* Why are you so picky when it comes to the opposite sex but you aren’t trying to shape yourself up?

* Why I wish you would just let it go?

* Why doesn’t it take long to fall back into your old routine?

* Why have I been to a ton of funerals in my lifetime but none have been as dramatic as my cousin’s?

* Why did they have a plastic shield protecting his body like his death was gang related or something and not heart related?

* Why no matter what he says, I won’t believe him until he does what he says?

* Why I went to this church and it was so hot that almost everyone in there had sweat rags and those that didn’t were handed a roll of paper towels?

* Why was I so close to the praise team that other’s sweat saturated my dress?

* Why my days of sweating him are officially over?

* Why I wish there was a such thing as an unlaxitive?

* Why I can’t stand word verifications?

* Why are most of my ‘whys’ statements and not actual questions?

This is Jewells signing out…

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