* Why can’t you just be your own person?

* Like the guy on the video says, why did this have to happen?

* Why do my thighs sound like rubbing sand paper together when I walk?

* Why does everyone want to have a celebrity gossip blog?

* Why I believe everyone has stalker potential?

* Why would I want to be your third wife?

* Why do people get mad when you tell them they’re “crackin” (code word for showing their butt crack)?

* Speaking of butt cracks, why?

* Why I want to sing the national anthem at a sporting event one of these days?

* Why shouldn’t I return something that just isn’t working for me?

* Why did you let that out your azz and not think somebody would walk into it and want to choke you?

* Why do babies’ toes stink?

* Why go into a first date with so many expectations?

* Why do you have three piercings in your tongue?

* Why must it be so complicated with you?

* Why don’t you fix your child a healthy dinner and quit relying on the drive thrus?

This is Jewells signing out…


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