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God Is Amazing!

I am just getting back home after my first cruise. Seven days at that. It was an interesting experience. To see nothing but water all around me was scary, yet, amazing all at the same time. I couldn’t help but marvel at God’s work.

The cruise started out pretty choppy. We were dealing with Tropical Storm Hanna, who turned into a hurricane while we were out to sea. The first two nights I may have slept three or so hours. Not even the music on my laptop could calm my anxiety. We weren’t able to make our first stop in Montego Bay due to the storm, so we spent our first two days out in the sea. The ship calls it “Fun Day at Sea.” We’d all have to disagree. Not that it was bad. I just think the majority of us were ready to get on some land for a few.

We also missed our last stop at Turks and Caicos due to the island being closed from Hanna. Most of the ports were closing down because of Hurricane Ike. Our ship was basically sandwiched between to hurricanes. Not a good feeling at all. I was surprised, though, that the weather was beautiful as we headed back. Guess that’s the whole “calm before the storm” talk.

I did quite a few vlogs that I am going to upload and post over the next few days. No matter how silly I look or sound, I must admit that I prefer doing vlogs over blogging. Don’t ask because I couldn’t tell you.

There is this song by Maurette Brown Clark called Sovereign God. In the song she says, “A wave of Your hand can command the seas to hold their peace.” He did just that. I had to play the song in order to go to sleep. I thank the Lord for not only calming the sea for our ship, but for the other ships that were out there as well. He was our only protection. Not like we had anywhere to run for cover. He amazes me more and more every day!!

Stay tuned for my Carnival Chronicles.

This is Jewells signing out…

P.S. When we stopped in St. Thomas (pictured above), I went into this shop to look at a purse. As I walked in the shop, it felt like the ground was moving. I said so to the guy working in there. He put his fingers up to his lips to insinuate that I had been smoking…LOL. He said it a couple of times because I kept wobbling. I told him I hadn’t been, but wouldn’t mind if he had some.

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