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Why Wednesday

Why Wednesday

* Why does one insist on turning the bag upside down to get every last crumb?

* Why would you wear a halter top with your 18-hour bra strap showing?

* Why did a text put me in a two month funk?

* More importantly, why did I let it?

* Why would you wear daisy dukes when you have a ringworm scar right under your butt cheek?

* Why did you travel with all of your clothes (underwear included) on [in layers] because you didn’t want to carry luggage?

* Why do men think they’re unmanly if they shave/wax their underarms?

* Why did my Miami hotel room smell like someone stuck their foot up an elephant’s ass and proceed to stomp the mess out of the carpet?

* Why do you insist on ‘manually exfoliating’ the second you get your naked butt up on the table? I really don’t want to see that.

* Why is it so easy to sulk because of your circumstances?

* Why am I ready to move but can’t afford to at the moment?

* Why tell someone you want them to work for you, but you don’t have any open positions?

* Why take medicine when the side effects cause you to have to take something else?

* Why is it so easy to become depressed?

* Why did I end up losing all of my programs on my computer? (Luckily I was able to restore pics and videos, and slowly restoring music individually.)

* Why I shouldn’t’ve taken down my blog roll?

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