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Julia T. Williams is a storyteller on a mission to help better lives through storytelling. She writes about all the things that go wrong and how people fight to make them right. Telling stories that matter while helping others cultivate theirs.
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Why Wednesday

Okay, so this week I am doing things a little differently. Like to read it, here it goes:

On the last night of the cruise, I sat on the deck and chatted with a very nice looking young man. We had made eye contact several times throughout the course of the cruise, but did not communicate until the last night.

I was sitting alone, enjoying the night breeze when this guy asks if he can join me.

“Sure,” I offered.

“Who are you on the cruise with?” he asked.

“My parents. What about you?”

“My sons, my nephew, my mom, and……” *long pause* “my sons’ mother.”

Screeech. Pump the brakes.

“Okaaaaay…” In my mind, the conversation ended there, yet I continued to lend my ear.

He proceeded to tell me that his sons were 14 and 5, which to me meant that he had a lengthy sexual relationship with their mother.

I saw him the previous night on the deck with a woman that I had recognized from karaoke. She was a pretty outgoing lady to say the least. She had the crowd rolling when she insisted, in the middle of the song, that the words to Mary J. Blige’s “Not Gone Cry” were wrong. Not once. Not twice. But several times during the song.

So, I asked him if the lady was his mother.

“That was my sons’ mother,” he informed me.

“Ohhhhh,” was all I could say, but my face said a lot more.

This guy was very mellow. Very laid back and nonchalant. The total opposite of who he shared children with. I didn’t hesitate to tell him, “I would never put you two together.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that because it was almost as if I validated his reason for talking with me that night. Like she was the reason for his unhappiness and was why he was out on the prowl.

He was very attractive with an intoxicating pair of hazel eyes. I told him so.

“So do you,” he responded. “And lips too.”

I blushed. Shoot me for being vulnerable…

Before the conversation could get any heavier, I looked to my right and saw the woman from karaoke…his sons’ mother.

He immediately calls out to her.

She doesn’t slow her stroll as she tells him she’s going to take their son to get something to eat.

He keeps calling to her. I can see him flailing his hand in my peripheral.

“I know he is not trying to introduce us.” I kept saying in my head.

I slowly turn my head and see his son approaching. My eyes can’t help but notice the daggers aiming in our direction.

He proceeds to introduce his son to me. “This is Ms. Julia.”

WTH was I supposed to say??? “Hi,” was all I could manage.

The little guy’s mother starts walking off and he follows her on to get his night feeding.

As soon as our audience was out of earshot, “Wow” were the only words to leave my lips. I felt like dude was saying to his son, “This is going to be your new mommy,” and to his sons’ mother, “Go feed my son while I feast on this.”

Maybe I was overreacting, but it was honestly how I felt.

At that moment I wondered what her side of the story sounded like. He had made her out to be the bad one, and I only helped with my assumptions based on her actions the night prior.

But the way he confidently looked into my eyes and licked his lips quickly introduced me to her life, if only for a few minutes. The total disregard of her presence was uncalled for. He was so caught up in his world that everything and everyone else took a backseat. No thanks!

“Should’ve left yo’ ass a long time ago…”

If only she did what she sang, I’m sure her life would be a lot happier. And if she did, I’m sure he wouldn’t have the audacity to try that mess again.

* Why would you introduce me to your son, in front of his mother, only minutes after just meeting me?

* Why didn’t I just walk away the second he called her over?

This is Jewells signing out…

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