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My First Bride

Before I get started on my first wedding, I must say that I was invited to see Dwele and Eric Benet perform last night in Myrtle Beach. What an awesome show it was. I must admit to having acquired a slight crush on both gentlemen. =) Thanks J-Nice for the memories.

Yesterday I received a call from a friend of mine asking if I do bridal makeup. I told her yes. She proceeded to tell me that she had a family emergency and needed to leave town for the weekend. I was then asked if I could fill in for her. You already know what my answer was.

Though I won first place in my school’s makeup competition, I have not done makeup for anyone on a professional level. Needless to say, I was nervous as heck, but I went in there and did what I knew I could do. And that I did.

It is not only my preference, but a requirement that I do a consultation before booking with a client. I want to insure that we are both on the same page to alleviate any unnecessary mishaps. Due to the circumstances for this wedding, I was unable to do so. Luckily, I have several different colors of foundation that I could make something work.

The wedding was scheduled to start at four. Though I arrived at the bride’s house a few minutes early, I was NOT able to start her makeup until a few minutes after 4:00 pm. It was frustrating and added to my nervousness, especially since the minister had already instructed that he would leave at 4:15 if the wedding party was not ready. (The church was located right next to the house.) As soon as the bride said I could come in to start her beautification process, I flew into the bathroom and flipped open my “medicine bag”. Within fifteen minutes, I had her ready to go. I was not able to do her eyebrows or put on her lashes due to the minister heading out the door.

One woman who was in the house through the process asked me during the reception, “How did you put that together so quick? She looks beautiful.” I simply told her, “I don’t know, but thank you.”

All in all, with the allotted time, I must admit that I did a pretty good job. I saw a couple of areas that I would have like to fix, but it was probably just my eye that noticed it.

Due to the time restraints, I was unable to get any pictures. I will try and contact the photographer and see if she can email some to me. She filmed the entire makeup application from start to finish.

I wish the couple the very best. It was one stressful wedding to say the least. There is a ton of stuff I wanted to mention. However, I don’t want to be the type of artist to go around talking about my clients over the internet. That wouldn’t be a good look or professional. Call me if you want details…LOL. Just kidding!

One wedding down. Hopefully a million more to go!

This is Jewells signing out…

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