* Why do my arms look like my thighs?

* Why did I let him believe that I was feeling him more than I actually was?

* Why am I planning to say some things on the Ave that might drop some jaws in the near future?

* Why do people tape obituaries to their dashboards?

* Why continue wearing braids when it is painfully obvious that your hairline is shot?

* Why is the temptation to have sex greater once you start?

* Why I wish I had remained a virgin until marriage.

* Why do I know very little about the bible but I am a preacher’s daughter?

* Why do people think preacher’s kids are freaks?

* Why do bloggers talk about other bloggers?

* Why put $5 in the gas tank when you’re going to have to put more in by the time you get home?

* Why am I practicing celibacy again?

* Why say you’re going to do something when you totally intend not to?

* Why won’t you just tell him that you want to be with a woman?

* Why is there no such thing as a secret?

* Why do you think what you do in the dark won’t come to the light?

This is Jewells signing out…


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