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Julia T. Williams is a storyteller on a mission to help better lives through storytelling. She writes about all the things that go wrong and how people fight to make them right. Telling stories that matter while helping others cultivate theirs.
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I Believe In God!

I received an email over the weekend requesting that a band of bloggers get together for a mass blog on today, December 1st, in hopes to reach the masses and spread the word on why we believe in God. Feel free to do this on your own blog.

It was inspired by this news message in London.

I know one of the main reasons that I wanted to stop blogging was because I felt the need to keep from putting so much of my personal business out there. But one thing to consider is that we go through a lot in life to be able to help someone else out of the same situation. And as I type now, I don’t want to mention a thing or two, but the Spirit is leading me. So without further ado…

I believe in God: A few months back, while in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, stuck between Hurricane Hannah and Hurricane Ike, no harm was done to our ship. While islands were closed down and we had nowhere to stop, our ship safely cruised. When the waves rocked the boat and the rains kept us inside, no one was harmed. When Hurricane Ike quickly gaining on us, we sailed to safety. It was by His grace that we made it. God carried our ship in the palm of His hand those seven days.

I believe in God: It was by His grace that I did not contract HIV/AIDS. I have had unprotected sex more times than I care to mention, and with men who I now know have the virus. It was ONLY God who spared me. It wasn’t luck or chance. It was God.

I believe in God: When I was struggling financially and had too much pride to go to my parents for every little thing, He provided a way for me to put food on my table. I had gone to the grocery store and knew I didn’t really have money to get the things I needed, but I was willing to acquire a bank charge in order to get some food. I got about $30 worth of stuff and proceeded to the self checkout. I bagged up my groceries, slid my debit card, grabbed my receipt and went on about my business. A few days later I had gone to take a hair item back and when I went to customer service I was told that I could not return the item because I had not paid for it. It just so happened that the self-checkout I had gone to was in training mode, so I got those $30 worth of items for free. I walked out of the store praising God because it was nobody but Him.

I believe in God: While in tech school in the military, an instructor slapped my desk because I had fallen asleep. I didn’t even realize I was sleep. A few of my classmates had me take some pills with a Mountain Dew to keep me from getting written up. As we marched to the chow hall I began feeling real sick. I was weak, could barely stand. I went to the bathroom and just laid out on the floor (I don’t even like using public restrooms so I really had to be feeling bad in order to do that). I couldn’t even march back with the flight. I went back to the dorm while continuing to feel sick. I actually thought I might’ve been pregnant. It wasn’t until an ambulance had been called that I realized I had overdosed on Vivarin. My heart was beating so fast that I could barely breathe. It’s because of God that I am sitting here able to type this message.

I believe in God: I could have had a baby by a man who was strung out on crack, who is a woman beater, who went to jail for something I could’ve been caught up in, who is serving a life sentence for 1st degree murder. It is because there is a God that I did not conceive with any of those men.

I believe in God: For six years of my life I lusted after women. I was in a 4 year live-in relationship with a woman. And when that relationship came to an end I continued to believe that I was born a lesbian. If there wasn’t a God, I would not have felt convicted every day of my life for those six years. It is because there is a God that I was able to be delivered from a life of homosexuality, from confusion, from lust. It is because there is a God that I no longer have any desire to be with a woman. He took the taste away from me by faith, trust, believing and following His word.

I believe in God: When my family lived in Japan my father started a church off base. It was located on the second floor of the building which was pretty high up. There were barriers around the roof to protect anyone from falling off. While we were moving some things around a young boy (about 3) was pulling a board and continued backing up until he fell off the roof. He walked away with a few scratches and bruises. It was as if God put His hand under the boy padding his fall. Nobody but God.

I have so many stories to share to testify why I believe there is a God. If I did, I would be writing all throughout eternity. All I know is, if somebody were to tell me there is no God, or try to sell their god on me, no matter how good it may sound, I could never turn my back on my God. He has been too good and I know that without a shadow of a doubt that all of the things that I have been spared from and all of my blessings have come from Him. This is what is true for me.

Thank you so much for reading this. Some things are truly personal and would have preferred to keep to myself, but we all know that there is always a bigger purpose. May my testimony become the testimony of someone else.

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This is Jewells signing out…

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