Hello and welcome to Jewells Around the World. As the description says, this blog is dedicated to my spiritual journey as I travel around the world. Whether it’s a place I’ve been before or not, I plan to share with you the spiritual jewels I learn along the way.

While at a meet-up with a fellow author I’ve connected with on Twitter, I mentioned possibly doing a blog about my travels, saying I’d call it “Jewells Around the World” jokingly. But as I thought about it more, it kind of stuck. She brought up maybe doing a monthly blog on the places I visit. As I left our meeting, I decided that was exactly what I’d do. Catching up with my aunt on the phone, I told her about the idea. She took it a step further and said, “Maybe you could document your spiritual journey and those could be your “jewels” instead of the actual place.” Perfect.

And here we are…

A few months ago I had no idea where my life was headed which lead me into a slight case of depression. By the grace of God, there was a way out. I purchased a new study Bible and had began to really see and hear God in ways I hadn’t before.

In the middle of my living room floor rested about 100 magazines left over from my first Vision Board/Dream Book Fellowship. I invited several people over to my place to put our dreams and visions in a tangible format over conversation, music, and light snacks.

I wasn’t able to work on mine due to being the host. So during my state of “where is my life going?” I pulled out the magazines and began cutting until I had gone through every last periodical. In the midst of putting my dreams and visions together and participating in daily devotionals, I received a moment of clarity. God had been speaking to me all along, but I had gotten caught up in “the wilderness of my own plans and mistakes.” I knew at that point it was a mistake to have moved where I did. No longer would I resist God’s whisperings of “I have so much more in store for you, but I need you to move and let Me be your Guide.” With less than a month remaining in my lease, I packed up and went to stay with my parents.

Once I got there, I began pasting clippings into my dream book.

Instead of doing my usual vision board, I decided to put a book together because I wanted to travel this year and needed something I could put in my purse.

When the idea hit me to do a dream book, I honestly had no idea I would really be traveling this year, especially w/the little amount of money I was bringing in. Well, the morning I moved, I received an email inviting me to come to New Orleans for a few weeks. Later that week I learned my monthly pay would increase and be deposited the same week I got to Louisiana.

I’m definitely in a new place in life, much different than where I was at the beginning of the year. I’m able to buy things I’ve been wanting for quite some time now. I’m traveling w/o having to wait to be approved for vacation time from work. I’m able to write different stories from different locations. I’m able to appreciate the seasons of despair, depression, lack, and confusion because they all (and then some) have allowed me to experience the joy I have in me right now–for NOW is all I have anyway.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. I pray you are able to see the fullness of life right along with me.

Spiritual Jewel: Listening to Him and moving in accordance to His will, I am able to to say I have come this far by faith.

This is Jewells signing out…