I read something yesterday morning during devotion that has stuck with me ever since. “Before you decide to pursue a goal, make sure it is worth your devotion.” I wish I had read this many moons ago, for I am known to have made decisions that weren’t worth pursuing. Not only that, I’ve been known to involve others, getting their hypes up without fully committing to the idea myself. Not a good move, not at all.  Maybe it’s the excitement about a new idea and what it could bring that makes me hasty in broadcasting to the world.  Thankfully I’m doing much better.

Time.  Research.  Money.  Motivation.  Finances.  Support.  These are many of the reasons to have kept me from fully devoting myself to goals I have had in the past.  Who’s to say these won’t prevent me from completing future goals?  Good question.  And my answer would be that I will take them into consideration from the beginning, not waiting until I’ve already committed to the results.  

Spiritual Jewel:  Every idea does not have to be more than just that.  Don’t put unwarranted pressure on yourself. 

*light bulb*

This is Jewells signing out…


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