Running For My Life

A few years ago I was a dedicated watcher of The Biggest Loser.  One particular season the last few contestants had to complete a marathon.  At this point in the competition, none of these contestants looked like they were able to put 26.2 miles on their bodies, yet all of them crossed the finish line on their own two feet.  I remember one contestant almost gave up.  To see him cross the line despite it all made me want to grab a pair of sneakers and give a race my all.  That episode initiated the desire in me to go out and run a marathon.

On October 1st, I completed my first Half Marathon. 

Weeks prior to the race I was told I would not be able to run the race due to a reoccurring foot issue.  Twice I woke up to a swollen foot on which I was barely able to walk on.  One morning I awoke not able to walk on it at all. I had to crawl on my hands and knees in order to get to the bathroom. There was no explanation from a podiatrist as to what was causing my foot to react in this way.  I had not fractured it or torn any ligaments.  All he could offer were orthotics for my shoes and no running.  He also told me, “I feel since it’s happened twice it will happen again.”  That was not reassuring with the race less than two weeks away.  Though he didn’t “lift” the previous no-running commandment, he failed to say that I couldn’t run after this time around.  Guess he didn’t want to be liable if anything happened because he knew I was going through with the race.  Either way, I had my green light from where it mattered most.  God did say, “hear the facts, but believe the truth,” and His truth is, “By His stripes we are healed.”

A few days before the run I packed up a rental car and got on the road to Orlando.  Along the way, I stopped in a T.J. Maxx to find the perfect shirt to run in.

I knew 13.1 miles stood before me.  I needed to be reminded that stopping was not an option.  I also picked up two sweat bands at the Expo held at Disney after picking up my running packet and goody bag.  Here’s the one I chose to run for the race to keep in mind:

The journey is the reward.  No matter what is before or what is behind, the journey to get there is the reward.

Due to traveling and foot issues, I feel I did not properly train for this race.  It was something I had been talking about doing for the past couple of years.  Even registered for one in San Francisco that I ended up losing money on because I wasn’t able to get out there.  It almost happened again this time.  But it was time for a new result!  Though I may have wanted to finish the race in a record-breaking time, I feel I did because the only record to break (in my mind) was my own.  Being it was my first, I just needed to cross the line.  There were no race-volunteers biking beside me to tell me to pick up my speed.  No we’re-about-to-shut-down-the-race threats.  I did the best that I could do to get me to the finish line.  And I successfully did so in 3:35:44.  

The journey with running is just getting started for me.  It began at the finish line.  I have already began training for my next race where I will set a new personal record!

Spiritual Jewel:  With God all things are possible.

This is Jewells signing out…