Julia T. Williams | Write Spark Wednesday #2: What do you see?
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Nov 16 2016

Write Spark Wednesday #2: What do you see?



Today is Wednesday and it is time to challenge your writing. I often hear of writers who complain of being stuck or not knowing how to start writing. Well, here’s a challenge for you to get those words moving across the page. Let’s see what sparks for you. Who knows, you may very well have the opening lines to your next story or that scene you can’t seem to get going.

Looking at the picture above, what do you see? In the comments, write a brief paragraph, a few sentences, or just freestyle your thoughts. Write what this picture says to you. How does it make you feel? What thoughts does it evoke? You can write from your character’s state of mind. It could be a scene. Don’t restrict yourself. Just write what comes to mind. Remember, life is full of illusions; what you see is not often reality.

Challenge yourself, but most of all, have fun!

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  • Beautiful. Gorgeous. Peaceful. Thought provoking. As I sit here with the breeze softly brushing across my face, I feel total peace. Everything is so serene. I couldn’t ask for anything more in this very moment. The boat cruises as though no one else is out here but me. That can be kind of spooky in and of itself. I enjoy letting my imagination run wild. Large bodies of water like this takes me to dreamy places in my mind; and the sound of the waves sound so exotic.

    At the same time there are thoughts of peace, as I look out over this huge body of water, I can’t help but wonder how many unclaimed bodies are out there in it. The water is so dark and brings on this eerie feeling of the water just swallowing me up, and nobody knows I’m out here. Why am I out here all alone on this boat by myself? The same way your mind can take you places, it can also bring you back to reality; if you let it. Especially if where you are is safer and better that where your mind took you. In my case, it’s good to be back to my reality. No speculating here.

    November 19, 2016 at 11:23 pm
    • This is good, Barbara. You write as if in turmoil. Why are you out there alone? Why do you feel alone? This could definitely be the start to a story, a character going through a transition of sorts.

      November 20, 2016 at 1:56 pm

What say you?

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