Today is Wednesday and it is time to challenge your writing. I often hear of writers who complain of being stuck or not knowing how to start writing. Well, here’s a challenge for you to get those words moving across the page. Let’s see what sparks for you. Who knows, you may very well have the opening lines to your next story or that scene you can’t seem to get going.

Looking at the picture above, what do you see? In the comments, write a brief paragraph, a few sentences, or just freestyle your thoughts. Write what this picture says to you. How does it make you feel? What thoughts does it evoke? You can write from your character’s state of mind. It could be a scene. Don’t restrict yourself. Just write what comes to mind. Remember, life is full of illusions; what you see is not often reality.

Challenge yourself, but most of all, have fun!

2 thoughts

  1. I see a pile of “stuff”; of rubbish; of nothing. But wait a minute. It can’t be just nothing. Everything in this picture has a name. So, it can’t be nothing. It’s leaves, shells, stems, a sock. What?! Wait a minute. A sock. There are many more than one of each item, but only ONE sock. Where is the other matching sock. Is someone out there looking for this missing sock that goes with the one they have? How did they get separated? Does this mean someone wasn’t paying attention? How long has it been here in this spot? Now here’s a title for you, “The Missing Sock”. I can create a whole story by itself about and around this one sock. But then I return to the picture and see all the items in it and try to figure out what each item really is. And then I ask myself, for what? It’s just a pile of stuff. And what do you know, the next title, “The Pile of Stuff”. So, what about it? Who cares about a pile of stuff. Everybody’s got a pile of their own stuff. And each pile is different. Does your pile of stuff have the other missing sock?

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