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Julia T. Williams is a storyteller on a mission to help better lives through storytelling. She writes about all the things that go wrong and how people fight to make them right. Telling stories that matter while helping others cultivate theirs.
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Jan 11 2017

Signs Are Everywhere When You Pay Attention

We once had a clock that stopped ticking. We replaced the batteries with new ones and it began ticking again. The next time we returned to the location where the clock hung, we noticed the time had again stopped. We even moved the clock’s location. Wall to wall, and building to building. We got a different brand of batteries; more expensive. You name it, we tried it.

We kept changing the battery with the same results.

It was time for a new clock, obviously. So we went out and purchased a new clock. It hung on the wall in the location of the previous clock. The next time we returned to the building, the new clock had stopped. How could this be? The first clock was a gift. It was hand-crafted; a beautiful piece of wood glossed to perfection. But it didn’t work. Maybe there was a glitch in its production. The second clock wasn’t special at all. Its only purpose was to give us the time–which it failed to do.

No one understand the issues with the clocks. We thought maybe something in the wall was causing a short, maybe draining the battery in some way. These clocks were created with the simple task of telling time and both had failed us greatly.

Or was there more to the story?

Well, one day I had a revelation:  Could these clocks be telling us our time here is up? That word hit us almost immediately, but we processed it over days and weeks. Once we fully processed, the decision was settled: We were moving.

Our time was indeed up.

After making the decision to relocate, we had several garage sales and listed many of our larger items on for-sale websites. It was during one garage sale that we noticed the clocks working. Not just one but both of them. None of us knew at what point they began working, we just knew that they were. Times were accurate and there was no sign of hesitation in ticking.

We got the revelation. We might not have paid attention to the signs alerting us that change was impending. It seems so simple and obvious looking back, but doesn’t everything look clear when you reflect? The point is, the signs were there. And the more the signs showed up, the more attention needed to be paid. Signs never show up for naught.

Word to the Wise: Pay attention to the signs that tell you when your time is up. It can be a job, relationship, location, dream, business. Know when it’s time to move on, and do just that: move on.

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