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Author:Julia T. Williams

What 2017 Taught Me

Last year revealed quite a few interesting moments to me. I claim 2017 to have been a revolutionary year for me. To start, there were painful events that led to me having surgery at the end of May. It seemed the pain came out of...

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Word to the Wise

Too often we tell other people what they need to do, how they should make changes in their life, who they need to let go of, all the while neglecting to do the same in our own lives. We're the ones who need to take...

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When Strangers Become Family

Last month, I was a featured author at the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta. What an experience that was. The highlight was not speaking to an audience, signing books, or taking pictures with readers. What was an afterthought has remained in the forefront of...

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Living in Past Tense

Yesterday marked 20 years that I would have been enlisted in the United States Air Force. On August 12, 1997, I raised my right hand and swore to serve and protect my country. I was honorably discharged, by choice, a couple years later. It didn't...

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Trust the First Step

“It’s not always about knowing why; sometimes, it’s all about knowing what and that’s enough to keep you walking, every day.” -- 'Walking Shoes' by Mali Music The first step is never easy by any stretch of the imagination. We'd rather dip our toe into the...

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