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Author:Julia T. Williams

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone enjoyed their day of giving thanks and filling up their bellies.  I had a nice bowl of pork-n-beans and Kraft mac-n-cheese.  Yummy, NOT!!  It seems as though I don't have enough time to peruse the internet like I used to.  Guess that's a...

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Just Lame

So I see Robert Townsend in the airport today and the only thing I could think of to say was, "I miss Parenthood."  Wow!  Inside I knew he was laughing, but he was polite by responding, "Hey, what's up?  How ya doing?"  My lame...

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Love Music

Melodies of loveNo longer hummBut IWanna sing againMake magical tunesUnder the moonlight againBring back that feelinMy heart is feenin'For a touch of loveTo be heldAnd groomedInto the grooves of youCan you make it happenWhoever you areWherever you areIWant to bring you nearIFollow the pitter-patter...

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The Need To Let Go

10 a.m. and I've only had four hours of sleepMy mind tied down with thoughts of sheWith youHow did it get to this point againNow you're driving many miles at those crazy hours againTo be with sheThe one who divided our unityPresented you with...

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