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Jul 06 2017

Trust the First Step

“It’s not always about knowing why; sometimes, it’s all about knowing what and that’s enough to keep you walking, every day.” -- 'Walking Shoes' by Mali Music The first step is never easy by any stretch of the imagination. We'd rather dip our toe into the...

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Jan 06 2017

Be Still and Know

And so the story goes: I was conceived in the Philippines and born in Panama City. At the age of two, my family packed up our home in Florida and we were shipped off to Okinawa, Japan. I started school there. Kadena Preschool. I remember...

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Dec 23 2016

Making the Grade

This was a very challenging semester for me. The struggles I had weren't so much with school but with myself. I did a lot of second-guessing of my major and my decision to be in school in the first place. I had quite a bit...

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Sep 21 2016

Standing In My Truth

My life has been on a non-ending rollercoaster ride for the past several years. Disappointment, frustration, depression, anger, happiness, unsettledness, lost, confused, unhappiness. You name it, I experienced it. There were days when I didn't care if it was my last day. This past year was...

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Sep 09 2016

Do A New Thing

Many people subscribe to a false ideology what they can repeat what worked yesterday and achieve the same results today and tomorrow. It's a misconception, an untruth.  I tackled writing my 2nd novel the same way I wrote my first only to discover it wasn't working. I...

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Aug 12 2016

Finding My Way

​I enrolled. I studied. I conquered. Last summer I enrolled at Austin Community College with the plan to just get an associate degree, then see what I was feeling after. Well, during the fall semester, something got ahold of me in a philosophy class where...

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Running For My Life

A few years ago I was a dedicated watcher of The Biggest Loser.  One particular season the last few contestants had to complete a marathon.  At this point in the competition, none of these contestants looked like they were able to put 26.2 miles on...

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