Julia T. Williams | In My Head
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Julia T. Williams

I’m Soooo Sleepy

Staying up talking on the phone until 3:30 in the morning when I got to get up two hours later is not going to cut it. I'm no spring chicken. Can't do it like I used to.What was I thinking???It's getting late...

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My New Love for Food

Y'all this vegan life has been a little tough. Eating beans and rice and vegetables as my everyday meals has become life-threatening. This is some tough stuff. With my schedule, I just don't have the time to labor in the kitchen or peruse the...

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Self Love

I was listening to Creflo Dollar on the way home from the gym the other morning. He was talking about love. He was deep into the sermon and I only caught about three minutes worth, so I could not get the whole concept. But...

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Reality TV

I am not an extreme reality t.v. junkie. I have a few shows that I do enjoy watching on the regular, however. Paradise Hotel 2being one of them. Why do the black people on reality shows always have to be from Atlanta??? There are...

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Power of Words

Here is another segment of the Oprah show from my closer to my dreams post.It's 4 a.m. and your alarm goes off. You hit snooze. Five minutes later, it goes off again. You slap it off, roll over and say, "Today is not going...

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Getting It Together

Every morning on my way to school, I pass a couple of memorial gardens. And every morning, there is always a green tent hoisted above either a freshly dug resting place or a freshly covered one. Some mornings I count three or four of...

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