Mental Meanderings

4 Tips to Help Your Freelance Life Make Cents

It’s hard out here for a freelancer. Trust me, I know. Until you’ve established yourself, it’s a lot of sacrificing, settling, and sleepless nights. It doesn’t always have to be that way. The freelance life is what you make it. These four tips have helped me in making more sense of my career and deposit … Continue reading 4 Tips to Help Your Freelance Life Make Cents

When Strangers Become Family

Last month, I was a featured author at the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta. What an experience that was. The highlight was not speaking to an audience, signing books, or taking pictures with readers. What was an afterthought has remained in the forefront of my memory. While in line to check into the hotel, … Continue reading When Strangers Become Family

Short Story Saturday: Chase’s Mommy

The rain falls hard. Harder than I have ever felt before. Or maybe it’s because I have never stood out in the rain without an umbrella before. Raindrops pound against my head, feels like golf ball-sized hail stones making impressions into my skull.             “Come out of the rain, Ashley.” Voices implore around me.             … Continue reading Short Story Saturday: Chase’s Mommy

Trust the First Step

“It’s not always about knowing why; sometimes, it’s all about knowing what and that’s enough to keep you walking, every day.” -- 'Walking Shoes' by Mali Music The first step is never easy by any stretch of the imagination. We'd rather dip our toe into the pool before taking the plunge and jumping right in. … Continue reading Trust the First Step

What School Has Taught Me

School has been a challenging journey for me. When I think about it, it's not so much school in itself, but what it is doing in and through me. Exams, group projects, stress of making the grade, all of that is taxing enough on the psyche; however, I have felt a shift in who I … Continue reading What School Has Taught Me

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