Julia T. Williams | My Story
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My Story

The Woman – The Storyteller – The Advocate

I am a woman on a journey to discover all God has for me, whichever avenues and paths this journey may take me. I am a storyteller whose love for creativity and passion led to two published novels and several short stories that explore the human experience. I am an advocate determined to help others live better through my own experiences and with the tools I’ve collected along the way.

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The Woman

Life always has a way of showing us who we are and what we are made of. My life has been no different. People who have known me any extent of time swears I work for the C.I.A. due to my lengthy resume. Well, career hopping changed for me when I injured my back on the job. That injury and the events surrounding it introduced me to depression. I was confused, disappointed, physically hurt and mentally exhausted. For 11 years, that was the story of my life and as it kept unfolding, every year seemed to bring more frustration. Year 12, I decided that was no longer my life. I am not what happened to me. I am what and who I choose to be.

The Storyteller

Going into the story, getting into the mind of people, studying their habits, tracing their patterns of behavior are what allows me to fulfill my purpose. Inside each of us is a story. I like helping uncover those stories and give life to truth. I am a behavior-analyzer, pattern-tracer, people-watcher, and a truth-seeker who never turns down the opportunity to help others live better. One way of doing so is through storytelling. My first novel, Parallel Pasts, addresses issues of abandonment and addiction while my second novel, The Last Exhale, touches on marriage and communication. Both stories are steeped in the narrative each character tells in ways that life makes sense for them.


The Advocate

Changing my story changed my life. I want to help you do the same. How did you do it? you ask. I had to do some heavy internal work. The work required retracing my steps so my steps would take me in a new direction. The problem was how I looked at my situation(s) and processed my circumstance(s). The time came for a shift, and when I was ready, I changed my thoughts and moved forward from that story. How I got here was no easy feat. It won’t be easy for you either, but as long as you are willing to take the first step, I am here to help you take the next. I did it and you can too!