My Forever Valentine: A Documentary of Love

My parents have been such an inspiration to me as a couple, I wanted to document their love and share it with the world. The year was 1970. The day was February 14th, Valentine’s Day. My father’s best friend was going to his girlfriend’s house to present her with a gift and he asked my… Continue reading My Forever Valentine: A Documentary of Love

Inspiration for the Week

You can't do what everyone else is doing and expect to be successful. Write in the genre that speaks to your soul. Sing the songs your heart longs for. Make films that reflect your vision. Everything that has been done was done by people who wanted to see what didn't exist in their world. This… Continue reading Inspiration for the Week

The First of the Last

And today it begins: The first day of my last semester of undergrad. The myriad of emotions that ran through me as I typed those words intoxicates me. The fist day of my last semester. Wow. This journey began in the summer of 2015. I'd enrolled in two classes at a community college. You've seen… Continue reading The First of the Last

Poetexts: This Place

This place A place I relocated to due to circumstance Relocation is something I'm used to because its DNA runs through my veins I was conceived in the Philippines and entered the world in Panama City Every two to four years my father received orders and we relocated to a new city A new city,… Continue reading Poetexts: This Place

4 Tips to Help Your Freelance Life Make Cents

It’s hard out here for a freelancer. Trust me, I know. Until you’ve established yourself, it’s a lot of sacrificing, settling, and sleepless nights. It doesn’t always have to be that way. The freelance life is what you make it. These four tips have helped me in making more sense of my career and deposit… Continue reading 4 Tips to Help Your Freelance Life Make Cents

When Strangers Become Family

Last month, I was a featured author at the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta. What an experience that was. The highlight was not speaking to an audience, signing books, or taking pictures with readers. What was an afterthought has remained in the forefront of my memory. While in line to check into the hotel,… Continue reading When Strangers Become Family