Julia T. Williams | Poetexts
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Poetexts: This Place

This place A place I relocated to due to circumstance Relocation is something I'm used to because its DNA runs through my veins I was conceived in the Philippines and entered the world in Panama City Every two to four years my father received orders and we relocated to...

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Poetexts: Innervision

Innervision I am not who I am on the outside I am not who people see I am not who I see The mirror lies to me It lies to those who surround me The mirror hides my misery My sadness My discontentment and self-pity Why can I not be free from all that...

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Poetexts: Temporary Mind Wandering

Temporary Mind Wandering What is this This communication we have both been seeking Searching Waiting for a reply Until the morning light A verbal exchange of past, presents, and futuristic desires Hungering for a meal that has never before been prepared Either that or it has simply been ignored Are you feeling me ‘Cause I...

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