The Last Exhale

I wrote this book to tackle a big issue in relationships: the consequences of denying the truth. The truth is many of us have been in relationships we had no business being in, and unfortunately, some of us still are. For myriad reasons, we entertain people we know good and well we are not interested in long term (often, not even short term), yet we go on date after date, spend night after night, and before we know it, feelings have grown for the wrong person. Marriage comes (maybe) then kids (not always in that order), and it’s then when we face the truth: this person is not who I was supposed to be with. But you knew that at the gate and entered anyway. I wrote this book for you. Find out who you are, what you want and need, and be honest with yourself first before you allow someone else into the equation.

Sydney Holmes and Brandon Carter find out what happens when the truth is revealed in marriage and how to put the pieces together as a result.

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4 /  Brandon 

The chime of a soon-to-be empty gas tank transports me back to the present. I look for the next gas exit. When I grab the receipt, it tells me I’m in Montgomery, AL. Been driving for nearly three hours with Anthony Hamilton’s The Point of It All CD on repeat. My thoughts were so caught up in what my marriage has become I hadn’t realized I was in another state. I put the car in drive and get back on I-85 headed back north.

Just as the night prepares to clock off and switch shifts with the dawn of a new day, my truck pulls into the garage next to Rene’s car.


The last place I want to be, but it’s where I lay my head at night.

I’m dazed. Wondering what is the point of it all. This is not the way I planned to spend nine years of marital bliss. Maybe because it hasn’t been that blissful. I take that back. The first six were great. Rene and I shared so much love.

We lived.

We loved.

We were one.

I knew what she was thinking before her thoughts could even form. She always knew what I wanted before I even knew. We were in harmony, in sync. Every day felt like the first day. We were amazed with each other, discovering parts of one another we had never discovered. Every day was like that.

Then, one day it all changed.

I remember the day like it was last night. We had just finished making love. Her head was on my chest and she was twirling the only five pieces of chest hair I had around her fingers.  Her breathing was different. It was out of sync with mine for the first time. I noticed it almost immediately. She inhaled short and hesitant, exhaled hard and long, did that like she was on the verge of her last exhale.