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The Stories


This debut novel offers a no-holds-barred account of two young lovers fighting their pasts for the chance of love and family.


Love is the one thing missing from Fatima’s life, beginning when her parents left her at the age of four. Usually she enjoys calling the shots in her love life, but when she runs into a mysterious man on a night out, everything changes.


Cory Hines would give anything to undo his childhood. Growing up with an abusive father and distant mother left him wary of family and relationships. And as he tries to straighten out his life, the nightmares return and send him down a drunken spiral.


His siblings force him into therapy, but it’s not until he meets Fatima that he begins to learn what commitment is all about. Though their pasts continue to haunt their relationships, it is their common problems that draw Cory and Fatima closer. In the process of getting their lives on track, they find out more about themselves and their pasts than they bargained for and realize they must rid their demons for good in order to survive. But just when Cory and Fatima get comfortable with each other and the idea of a relationship, news of an unexpected pregnancy sends them both running back to the familiar.


Full of raw emotion and a vulnerability that pulls you in, Parallel Pasts offers an inside look at what it takes to escape a history of domestic abuse, as Cory must suppress the urge to fight anything that gets in his way, and the women who love him through the process.

I wrote this book for those dealing with issues from their past and not being able to fully move forward. For the woman struggling with the absence of her father or a mother she can’t “reach.” For the man who lost his childhood because he had to protect his family from the man who should’ve been protecting them. For the person using sex, alcohol, and other vices to help numb the pain of it all. For that woman or man faced with an unwanted pregnancy. For that person considering suicide. For the abandoned, abused, and the lied to. For someone struggling with who she is, afraid of the person he sees in the mirror, and the one tired of trying to just be. You are who I wrote this book for. We are all on a journey, trying to put our pieces together, hoping at some point to make sense of it all. Anything that can help us along the path is a blessing. It is my prayer that Parallel Pasts is that “anything” for you.


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Marriage isn’t easy—especially without honesty. In this exploration of love, intimacy, guilt, and infidelity, two people learn what happens when their feelings get in the way of the truth.


For Sydney Holmes and Brandon Carter, love is losing its strength. Infidelity is the side effect of both of their broken marriages. Now, struggling to pick up the pieces, each is clinging to the hope that lasting love still waits for them, inside—or outside—of marriage.


Sydney’s not happy. Ever since marrying the wrong man, she’s regretted her decision to marry for the ring—not for her husband. Now, nearly seven years and two kids later, it’s not so easy to walk away. When a man drops into her life who gives her the oomph she’s been missing, she may be on the verge of making another wrong decision.


Brandon’s hurt. The death of his son was painful enough, but now he’s faced with losing the love of his life. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t make his wife love him. But soon the attention of another woman begins to mend his shattered ego. He moves out, and just as his new life grows comfortable, the reason his wife pushed him away surfaces, and Brandon must decide if the love they once shared is worth holding on to.


Love is the muscle of marriage. Both partners have to work to keep it strong and healthy, and without it, a marriage has no chance of survival. In The Last Exhale, Sydney and Brandon uncover the truth of what it really means to love—for better or for worse.

I wrote this book to tackle a big issue in relationships: the consequences of denying the truth. The truth is many of us have been in relationships we had no business being in, and unfortunately, some of us still are. For myriad reasons, we entertain people we know good and well we are not interested in long term (often, not even short term), yet we go on date after date, spend night after night, and before we know it, feelings have grown for the wrong person. Marriage comes (maybe) then kids (not always in that order), and it’s then when we face the truth: this person is not who I was supposed to be with. But you knew that at the gate and entered anyway. I wrote this book for you. Find out who you are, what you want and need, and be honest with yourself first before you allow someone else into the equation.


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